The new Pure Strike is now available

After extensive testing and a technological evolution designed to maximize player sensations, the new Pure Strike arrives in stores at the end of August. This will make some noise!

In modern tennis, as players continue to seek power and control, feel has become a major focus for achieving performance on the court. The new Pure Strike perfectly integrates this evolution of the game, combining Sharp Control with a Pure Feel (pure sensations) at the moment of impact for optimal control.

To achieve this, Babolat’s research and development teams innovated with concrete improvements to the racquet, while preserving the Pure Strike characteristics with Control Frame Technology that combines the stability of a square beam frame with the dynamism of a regular elliptic structure.

The major innovation was conducted with SMAC, a company working in the aeronautics and aerospace industries, specializing in vibrations. This new technology, C2 Pure Feel, incorporates patches during the manufacture of the racquet, placing them just after the first layer of carbon: “These patches are made from a base of viscoelastic rubber, a material that can absorb, filter, and restore vibrations, and as an added benefit, improve the sensation and touch at impact. They are placed at 3:00 and 9:00 on the frame to optimize these sensations. The feedback from the players who tested it, including from Dominic, was incredibly positive,” says Alexandre Israel, Tennis Category Manager.

An impressive modern look for this new Pure Strike, featuring “urban tag” graphic elements on the frame. The repetition of the Pure Strike typography on the throat combined with the bright red bumper brings a real touch of aggressiveness that enlivens the classic brilliant white of the Pure Strike.

With all of these improvements, the new Pure Strike will delight fans and attract new players as the range has expanded with a Tour version weighing 320 grams. The “best seller” is expected to be the preferred model of Austrian Dominic Thiem (18/20), recent finalist at Roland Garros where he played with the new Pure Strike. After an impressive appearance at this Grand Slam, dominated only by the King of Clay, Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem knows that his new Pure Strike is perfectly adapted to his game: “It gives me control and confidence when I hit the ball hard, the type of sensation that makes the difference on the court.” The 16/19 should also be very popular with players who like to have more spin thanks to a more open string pattern.

Finally, as the new Pure Strike is centered on the “pure feel”, it features a new grip much thinner than the previous one: the Syntec Team offers a very ergonomic grip and a better connection with the edges.

The range is for all types of players with the inclusion of 100, Team, Lite and Junior versions that are more forgiving and lighter.

The Pure Strike has been designed as an entire product family, including innovative bags, apparel and a JET shoe model matching the design of the racquet. A complete equipment solution that will allow players to proudly display their colors on the court.

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