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The Syntec Pro is the preferred grip on professional circuits by most of our players, who have trusted it for years. It’s for them that we developed this absorbent grip, which offers direct contact with the edges of the racquet handle for added control. Now you too can enjoy it.

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This is our best-selling replacement grip as one of the most absorbent within our range. But if you sweat a lot when you play, you should definitely use an over grip on top of it, for even higher moisture absorption.


With its 1.9mm thickness, we designed a grip to provide you with a very balanced feel, something not too direct and not too comfy either. With the Syntec Pro, you will have a greater control of your racquet thanks to its tacky feel improving the traction.

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Thể thao

Tennis & Padel



Mức độ hấp thụ


Độ dày

0.07 in

Chiều dài

43 in

Thành phần

non-woven 40% PA and 60%PET PU enduction

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