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Player Typology


Head shape


Thành phần

FRAME: Carbon – SURFACE: Fiberglass – CORE: Low density EVA


360 g +/- 10g

Độ dày

1.5 in

Balance Type

Even Balance

Type of cover

Full Cover

Những lợi ích


Even though Padel is an accessible sport, our development team work to make the game even more easier for you. For that, the manoeuvrability is a key feature on a racquet. Thanks to its light weight, you will be able to handle this racquet more easily and learn even more quickly.


Thanks to its diamond shape and its head heavy balance, this racquet have an high sweet spot that will provide you the power you’re looking for in attacking shots.


Padel is a fun and accessible sport, this is what make it so lovable. To make sure you can have fun as often as you want, we used on this racquet soft materials to improve your comfort of play.


Transparent adhesive bumper to protect your racquet.

Mô tả

Padel is an accessible sport, if you come from tennis you probably noticed it.

We’ve developed the Reflex especially to facilitate your transition to this specific new equipment. With its high and large sweet spot, you will adapt you to it even more easily.

Let’s play and have fun!

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