Dòng Viper mới: thể hiện phong cách của bạn!

The sport of padel may be changing, with the game getting faster and more dynamic, but one thing that doesn’t change is the adrenaline rush that the player feels when they strike that ball and score the point.  What a feeling! Let’s face it, WE ALL LOVE TO STRIKE; regardless of the position we play in, we all want to score.
You probably remember that scene where King Arthur pulls the sword Excalibur out of the stone. That’s the feeling that Babolat wants padel players to experience with the new Viper Line in their hand, the feeling of being the king of the court!

What makes Babolat’s new racquets so special? 

Firstly, they have been designed based on the examination and observation of padel players and their needs.
Secondly, they represent technological progress in terms of their hole configuration, shape and latest-generation materials and the comfort they offer.
Thirdly, we at Babolat believe that there is a racquet, with its own structure and shape, to suit every player.
As if all that wasn’t enough, they are also a prime example of pure engineering – explosive, precise, flexible and easy to handle.

Who are these racquets aimed at?

It is important to bear in mind that these racquets are designed for elite and intermediate players as well as beginners. We strive to provide the best possible response to the specific needs of each player, based on their experience, their strength, their skill and their age. When it comes to making progress, the trick is making the right choice!

The Viper Line consists of 3 models — the Technical Viper, the Air Viper and the Counter Viper.

How do you perform on the court?  

Let’s start by looking at each type of player. We at Babolat have been studying all types of players for some time now, watching them closely and questioning them carefully, and have come to the conclusion that both right and left-side players are strikers, but they tend to fall into one of three different profiles:

•    The ‘Technical Striker’: one with a comprehensive technique. This player strikes powerfully and with precision from anywhere on the court, the ball seemingly following the trajectory of their gaze. Their ideal racquet would be the TECHNICAL VIPER, because it’s explosive and precise.

•    ‘The Air Striker’: a fast and ultra-aggressive player who is constantly trying to get close to the net. They work just like a cat, meaning that their opponents don’t have time to see their attacks coming. They play an explosive game  and don’t miss a single opportunity, often giving the impression of being airborne and barely touching the ground. The ideal racquet for this player would be the Air Viper, as it’s explosive and easy to handle.

•    The ‘Counter Striker’: this player is patient and goes on the counter-attack.  They take the ball from their opponent and send it back again and again until they’ve nothing left, then they go up to the net and bam!, they score. The Counter Viper is a perfect match for this player because of its explosiveness and flexibility.

In reality, just as in day-to-day life, there is no such thing as the perfect player or the perfect pair; everyone has their own qualities that need to be taken advantage of, which is why we’ve created a racquet to suit each type of player. We’ve studied our padel players and given them the ideal racquet to express their personality.

Why not choose yours today?

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