Babolat unveils a new Wimbledon-branded shoe collection

After the clay courts of the French Open, ATP and WTA players will be heading to the grass courts of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC) from 28 June to 11 July. French brand Babolat is “Official tennis racquets, shoes (except Japan) and bags” for the British Grand Slam brand.
As part of this long-standing partnership, Babolat has released a new collection of Wimbledon-branded shoes. 

Two pioneering brands, a shared tradition of innovation

Both Wimbledon and Babolat have been making tennis history since its inception.
In 1875, the rules of tennis were still fresh on the page when Babolat invented the tennis string. Two years later, in 1877, Wimbledon hosted the very first Championships.
The two historic tennis “brands” share a vision which focuses on innovation and audacity and are intrinsically linked to its future. 
“Our shared ambition is to combine the best of our values and experience to move the sport forward and foster the spirit of tennis all year long and all around the world for all types of tennis players,” says Eric Babolat, President of Babolat.

Shoe expertise for a legendary tournament

Although Babolat is a leading expert in the field of racquets and strings, it has also made its mark in other product categories, including shoes.
Based on its careful observation of players on court and tennis moves on all playing surfaces, Babolat has developed a range of shoes adapted to players’ needs. These include models specially designed for lawn tennis. Developed in partnership with Michelin, the outsole combines durability with optimised grip. The diameter of the pimples must not exceed the regulatory 3 mm – a small but non-negotiable detail for the tournament’s organisers, just like the traditional white dress code.

Although the pimples obviously help minimise damage to court lawns during the two-week tournament, they also help players maximise their performance, and guarantee their safety. Rallies are often shorter and faster on lawns than on clay or hard ground, so shoes need to provide good grip and optimal support.

Benoit Paire (FRA), Yiuchi Sujita (JPN) and Federico Delbonis (ARG), and many other Babolat International Team players will be competing at Wimbledon in 2021 in Babolat-Wimbledon shoes.
Since everyone needs to put in their best performance at a Grand Slam, the 250 ball boys and ball girls and the men and women on court will also be wearing Babolat-Wimbledon shoes.

An official product range accessible to fans

The official Wimbledon equipment range is on sale now for Babolat and Wimbledon fans keen to buy British Grand Slam-branded products. The collection spans shoes for men, women and juniors, racquets, including a re-styled version of the iconic Babolat Pure Drive, and bags in Wimbledon purple and white.
From beginners to competitors, this range and its exclusive design are adapted to all kinds of tennis players and fans.

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