Exercise WS Padded Jacket


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The warm sleeveless jacket.

Ideal to be worn with the coach’s jacket or combined with the hoodie.

Its lightness, suppleness and strong warmth make it essential for your everyday comfort.

On all courts, and at all times, as soon as you feel cold or the weather changes, you will soon feel its warmth. With Primaloft padding for the upper part of the body.

Fully open at the front. 2 zipped side pockets hold your everyday objects securely. An inside breast pocket with a headphone wire eyelet enables you to carry your phone safely. The cuffs and bottom hem are finished with elastic bands to keep out the cold air. Ideal for a coach, this jacket is easy to maintain and perfect for moments of relaxation.

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The EXERCISE collection is designed for all your training sessions and matches.

All the products have been developed to be combined with the PLAY range.

The garments are primarily made from cotton blended with polyester, combining the comfort of cotton with the suppleness of polyester.

A few warm items are included for the transition between the seasons.

The perfect clothing for your warm-up and training sessions, as well as for coaching from the courtside.


The technical fabric with “Fiber Dry-polyester” chosen for the Babolat collection is LIGHT and SOFT to the touch. Easy to care for, it allows for the most intense wear and tear from practice to competition.

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Shell : 97% polyester 3% spandex Yoke : 100% Polyamide Insulation : 100% polyester

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