Được phát triển cho padel, được thiết kế cho phụ nữ

At Babolat, we fully understand the importance of wearing the right footwear when playing your favourite sport: padel.

When you spend hours in the office on your feet or at your desk, the shoes you wear during the day can take their toll on your feet. If the dress code or uniform at work requires you to wear heels, you need something comfortable to put on once you leave. And those who play sport will want this comfort from their shoes. For padel players, Babolat has created the new Jet Ritma for women.

This new shoe, 100% designed and developed with padel players in mind, features a slimmer construction, adapted to the shape of your foot and to your movements, and a sophisticated, feminine design to give you confidence on the court.

Padel fans often ask why they need specially adapted shoes for playing padel. The answer is simple. A shoe designed specifically for padel can help prevent injury and will maximise your potential as a padel player.

Along with your racquet, your shoes are one of the most essential elements for playing padel, so making a good choice is key. As you know, this sport involves a lot of turning, stopping suddenly, moving around and jumping.

But what are the benefits of a shoe specially designed for padel?

SAFETY: If you watch a game of padel, the first thing you’ll notice is that the movements are intense and brusque, with continuous position changes and pivoting when playing off the walls. The game involves constant stopping, starting, jumping and landing, which means players bend their legs a lot. When you play for two or three hours a day, you soon realise you need specific padel footwear that combines different features to suit your individual needs, based on your physical fitness level, technique and the type of court you play on.

COMFORT: Padel shoes have to be comfortable and adapted to the individual needs of the player. The shoes must be well padded, especially in the heel area. They also have to provide sufficient support for the player’s feet.

PERFORMANCE: Padel shoes need to be able to withstand different levels of wear and tear throughout the game, which vary based on the player’s level, body weight, and how much they have trained.

Why choose the Jet Ritma?

The main reason is that these shoes are specifically developed for playing padel and designed for women’s feet. They feature technology that helps take care of your feet so you can get on with enjoying your game. This technology includes:
100% padel sole with perfect grip. The best answer to synthetic turf, with herringbone for the sand and omni for the artificial grass.
Ultra-flexible sole thanks to the grooves or flex channels built into the soles, which increase flexibility and improve the dynamics of the shoe.
Hygienic, antibacterial soft foam insoles for maximum comfort.
A special material cut from one single piece made from Kevlar® and polyamide fibres to guarantee optimal lateral stability as well as greater flexibility, durability and breathability.
Shock absorption system. The EVA pad made from high-quality foam effectively absorbs shocks to protect the heel.
Two straps for adjusting the midsole, perfectly adapted for padel movements.

Choosing the right padel shoe will improve your performance, comfort and safety – and your feet will thank you.
Babolat’s new Jet Ritma 100% padel is your best option for maximum speed, safety and sophistication on the court.

So what are you waiting for? Give them a try!

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