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Technical Characteristics

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340 mm


270 g


The Babolat Pulsion Team Strung tennis racket is a noteworthy product from the Babolat brand, designed to provide power and control to players.

The frame of the racket is made of durable aluminum alloy, enhancing its strength and stability. The racket is equipped with Babolat Spiraltek strings, which increase ball speed and string durability.

With a 100 square inch head size, the Babolat Pulsion Team Strung tennis racket provides a large sweet spot to enhance power and accuracy during play. Weighing 275 grams (9.7 oz), this racket is easy to use and maneuver on the court.

The flexibility of the frame is just right, reducing vibration and providing a comfortable feeling upon impact. The racket also features an Ergo handle design for better grip, increasing comfort and improving handling.

With its elegant color scheme, the Babolat Pulsion Team Strung tennis racket is the perfect choice for tennis players who want a reliable racket suitable for all skill levels.


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