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Location Hết Hàng

Technical Characteristics

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10 mm



The combination of a specific women’s shoe and a thin sole makes the Jet Ritma both ultra elegant and ultra feminine (260g for EU size 39). Designed specifically for women, it shakes up trends and introduces a new style.

100% PADEL

360° FLEX is a technology designed and developed especially for padel. It combines maximum flexibility, thanks to its special design, flexion from fabric with a Matryx area and an inner sole with grooves. This technology provides maximum flexibility to the forefoot, which is perfect for padel’s specific moves. The perfect answer to the specific moves of padel.


By combining Babolat’s expertise and Michelin’s know-how, we have developed the first sole dedicated to Padel playing: great flexibility from the two grooves on the forefoot, maximum dynamism from a new grip tread, perfectly suited to sand and synthetic grass, and in the most exposed area the increased thickness of the sole ensures a longer life cycle.


Matryx is an exclusive patented fabric developed in close collaboration between Babolat and technical fabric expert Chamatex. The 2.0® model has been reinforced with 4 straps made of rigid monofilaments for increased stability and support.


Highly cushioning EVA insert positioned beneath the heel for optimal shock protection.


The Michelin Original rubber composition has proven its worth over the past 15 years and beyond, It offers a great combination of grip and durability to meet the extreme demands of tennis footwork.


The Jet Ritma is the 1st 100% ultra performance padel shoe, designed specifically for women. Matryx® technology combined with the Michelin 100% padel sole allow you to achieve excellent game skill. Its lightness enhances your agility. Its design slims the foot and makes it unique. Move with peace of mind.


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