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Technical Characteristics

Phù hợp


Độ nảy

10 mm

Surface type

All Court



The Matryx® upper fabric is woven jacquard combined with the “Shoe Frame Stabilization” system, along with high-strength Aramid and Polyamide fibers with new, more suitable fiber diameters. Besides, compared to the old generation, JET MACH 3 has completely eliminated the monofilaments interspersed on the shoe for more elasticity/flexibility and comfort.
Matryx® EVO technology is designed for optimal balance
between comfort, support for the feet and durability of the shoes.


The KPRSX system now provides optimal shoe cushioning for every player’s experience. The EVA cushion (EVA foam) is softer and enhances shock absorption to help protect the heel perfectly. The heel part is more optimized to help players stop suddenly/quickly move to another foot direction. The results? The unique shoe cushioning cannot be surpassed by any competitor.

The sole has been greatly improved to meet the most demanding needs of players. The Outsole and tread thickness have been increased, for less abrasion and lower point-of-impact shock. The sole of the JET MACH 3 shoe is still manufactured using Michelin Premium DIN20 technology for greater durability and less wear for vigorous movements in tennis.


The new generation JET MACH 3 is equipped with the most advanced technology from Babolat. Every detail is designed to increase players’ confidence and speed on the field.

JET MACH 3 is the ultimate weapon for anyone looking for precision and speed.


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